domingo, 18 de abril de 2010


Do box,
capturo o robe cor de uva rubi,
içado no ar
como ectoplasma quase completo,
no último gacho do lado esquerdo
do cabideiro de três pontas:
solidão feita de ausência.

E me seco com tua toalha.

First letter to a friend

I thank you, my friend. I thank you very much.
For give me those so-so-precious moments of serenity by a restful sea of thoughts.


it takes the absence of one calling or a quick dry text message -
to make opal, a certain moment of the day, -
to recall, repeatedly
-once –more- again –and- again –

performing everywhere i look,
the emptiness of her spaces,
me, who once couldnt capture the whole scene...
(I understood,
all the metaphysics of being,

I can watch the results of quantic physics,
applied to the era of consciousness,
in my breakfast,
in my afternoon,
at this beginning of dawn…

There are these holes ….
anti-matter, a molecular detachment
that abducted my daily reality as I knew…and yet,
I know…

Fragments all over the place
coliding me...Peaces of her. )

(No, I won’t look the cell phone again –
why am I so worried? She´s ok…I am ok...She´s ok…...)
occupying all the rooms of my body,
this house,
this suburb,
this town,...

… Living in a world where
my senses got constantly,
with the lack of

...Missed and missed.

For those moments of lightness and laugh and exchange,
my friend,
when and where, the one i love as lover, was also there,
warm, close and deeply
present in me;
for those,
when i listen your voice saying
"Hey, you two love each other so much...
Everything is going to be all right."
For those and for others:
thank you.